Sony Ericsson getting personal with email marketing


I got the Sony Ericsson mail in today. I quite enjoy seeing what they’re up to from a consumer perspective. I still have a lot of love for the K800 and the K850 although I haven’t used a Sony for… geez, years. I think my last Sony was the W300 or something like that. I did like it.

Anyway I was rather delighted to see that in their email out to (one imagines, hundreds of thousands of) their European consumers, they’ve gone personal.

Yes… a lady by the name of Matilda Schwarz of the Sony Ericsson team has signed the email. Take a read above. This is a big step for a mobile manufacturer — who usually do their best to avoid any personal exposure at ALL.

Mobile handsets are hugely, hugely personal. So it’s critical that interactions with consumers include some degree of personality wherever possible. Not possible, I know, on a billboard or in a television ad… but in an email… or a blog, yes, it’s possible.

So kudos Matilda. I hope you’re a real person.

I’m a wee bit (as they say in Scotland) disappointed that Matilda hasn’t gone on to say what her favourite Sony Ericsson handset is and listed her top five applications or mobile sites… anything to give the impression that the Sony Ericsson team aren’t just about flogging handsets — and that they actually use them. Maybe next time!

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