Tanzanian students get exam grades by text

Has the United Kingdom’s exam board got around to letting students find out their exam grades by text yet? I can’t quite recall. They’re way ahead in Africa — or, in this case, Tanzania. Have a read..

Link: Varsity students to access exam results through `sms`

Tanzania`s university students will from May this year access their examination results through mobile phone text messages (SMS), according to a local Information Technology (IT) expert.

The executive director of Easy Life Group (T) Limited, Benjamin Sitta, said yesterday in Dar es Salaam that the use of mobile phone has widely expanded and starting this year, students will access their exam results through their mobile phones.

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There’s a number of exam boards in the UK so schools typically take on the responsibility of collating and publishing the results into a single pack for a student who’s taken a number of subjects. Universities in the UK arrange their own examinations as far as I know so may be in a better position to do this.

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