The Big Art Mob goes truly mobile

The Big Art Mob, Channel4’s project to create the first comprehensive map of Public Art across the UK, continues to grow from strength to strength. You can send photos direct from your mobile or PC — and it works very, very well — it’s the guys at MoBlogUK who’re providing the technology for it.

Alfie, one of the top chaps there, posted today about their mobilised service — it’s The Big Art Mob, but for mobile browsers.

“You’ll be pleased to note we’ve gone the .m way,” Alfie pointed out by IM this morning. As proof of just how brilliant a job they’ve done mobilising the service, Alfie pointed me to this picture on his personal blog:


No word of a lie, that’s a RAZR — a first generation Motorola RAZR. Smart work to get it to render so nicely.

Link: Alfies Moblog

Renders great even on crappy handsets! The new mobile site lets you sign up, browse loads of stuff, and even upload through your phones browser. Check it out at and let me know what you reckon.

They’ve knocked up a widget you can include on your blog too:

Smart. I like that implementation too. Reminiscent of a mobile browser sized window too.

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[…] Big Art Mob ( is an effort to catalog all public art in the UK. The mobile implementation is by, a mobloging platform that prides itself on working on an phone, or as major domo Alfie says “Renders great even on crappy handsets!” From: SMS Text News […]

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