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BeamMe.Info Allows Users A Quick Way To Get SMS Info

BeamMe.Info is a cool new service for web publishers that places a small link next to content, so that users can quickly and easily send the info to their handset via SMS. There is a ‘Beam Generator’ that will generate the code, which you merely paste into your website, wherever you want the function to be.

BeamMe.Info securely asks for a user’s mobile number and sends the information via SMS. The webmaster never sees the mobile number, and it’s not stored anywhere, since there’s no registration or anything. Very easy for readers, with no barriers other than an SMS-capable handset.

Standard SMS rates apply to receive the SMS, so readers don’t incur large costs. However, for the webmaster, they’ll be billed per message sent. Rates are mostly <$.20, and are tier-priced according to the number sent. BeamMe.Info also has budgeting built-in, so webmasters can set a monthly limit, and the logos will disappear until either a new month or the budget is increased. [Via:]

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