Bluepod’s exclusive bluetooth marketing deal with Premiership Football Clubs

Bluepod Media are flying. On the back of their wickedly successful LG Viewty Phone campaign, which saw 432,000 media downloads in just three weeks, Bluepod have announced exclusive bluetooth marketing rights deals with:

– Blackburn Rovers
– Birmingham City
– West Ham
– Portsmouth
– Wigan Athletic
– Wolves
– Celtic
– Derby
– Tottenham Hotspur

It’s working well. At a recent Bluepod Media trial at Portsmouth Football Club, Bluepod report that 6,245 Premiership fans opted in to download a movie trailer to their phones via their phone’s Bluetooth connection from a total crowd of 20,200.

Bluepod MD, John Scorah, is understandably bullish:

‘Brands waste millions of pounds targeting football fans on match days via traditional media which is both uninspiring and not measurable. We now offer brands the opportunity to create a one to one relationship with fans that adds value to their matchday experience.”

I can tell you, I’d definitely be opting in if I was standing bored on the terraces waiting for the match to start.

More from Bluepod:

The total attendance at premiership football clubs last season was 12.9 million people and Bluetooth content provides an enjoyable experience that can fill periods of ‘downtime’ in the immediate build up to games and during half time periods when fans are seeking entertainment. Fans can opt-in to receiving free ads and club profiles, fixtures, news and manager notes via their Bluetooth, with ads paid for by advertisers at a pay-per-download rate of between GBP 40p and 70p.

You can talk to John and the team at Bluepod via

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4 replies on “Bluepod’s exclusive bluetooth marketing deal with Premiership Football Clubs”

This is brilliant news for the industry of Bluetooth Marketing, Bluepod Media really are the forerunners in the corporate Blue-chip Marketplace. They are a company we admire!

(Ad-Pods) are over the moon that advertisers are being charged GBP 40p and 70p per download because this shows how highly targeted this marketing can be, more importantly, how the larger companies such as LG and the Premiership Football Clubs view this as a NEW and Targeted means of Advertising!

We are even more excited about the fact we use and provide the same Hardware they are using, this is a great testimonial for our quality Hardware systems.

Ad-Pods offer this same Hardware to SME businesses, business owners are able to completely control how they use it using Ad-Pods simple to use software, Ad-Pods offer guidance and information on their new Video based website on how Smaller Businesses can acheive anything up to 30% downloads from their Bluetooth Marketing.
Now smaller businesses can start to use what the major companies are getting extremely excited about. (At a fraction of the Cost)

Ad-Pods have also just launched their NEW Affiliate Scheme ( ) yesterday for FREE, this will allow anyone to effectively start their own business promoting Ad-Pods Bluetooth Marketing without the substantial financial investment needed that other companies charge.

This is a very exciting time for Bluepod Media, Ad-Pods and now any business that would like to see how Bluetooth Marketing can help their Advertising and Marketing efforts.

You can talk to the Ad-Pods Team at
You can find further information on the affiliate scheme at ( )

Many thanks to Ad-pod. We are both in an exciting place and mobile has become an increasingly important advertising platform for clients over the past year or 2.

However, just to let you know that we have adapted/changed the ‘pod’ over the past year that has enabled us to deliver a seamless service to huge stadia and retail environments. Of course I am not going to go into detail about the developments we have made but be sure that we are many moons ahead of the standard box that arrives into the UK.

Probably the best way in putting how we have moved forward is:

The management team has 55+ years of advertising agency & media owner experience and by dealing with advertisers at the highest level we best understand their requirements and hence have developed a bluetooth platform that is a proposition to best suit them. Key points being accountability, front-end and back-end scheduling systems & research!

And the developments continue to be vast!

– Anyway looking forward to coming across you again and drinking to both our success!

P.S. we are just about to launch in South America, North America, Asia & Europe in that order.

Ad pods are in Canada – although we call football soccer :), I would expect the advertisers are also happy to pay for downloads assuming the ads are done appropriately for the niche/sport.

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