Forget roses, send your Valentine a picture message

Yes! What self respecting girl wants roses this year when they can have a funky Valentine’s Day message sent to their handset? It is your mobile duty to send a picture message to your loved one, this year.

To help, Cellyspace, the online tool for user-generated and advertiser-generated composition of mobile content, has launched a special Valentine’s day service.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you might consider:

— Poetic Valentine (poetry with images or audio MMS)
— Our Song Valentine (meaningful ringtone)
— Video Valentine (webcam greeting MMS)
— Intimate Valentine (“I love you” MMS)
— My Secret Valentine (anonymous MMS)
— Humorous Valentine (cartoon or celebrity character MMS)

Or, if you’re feeling really lovedup, get them a new 16GB iPhone…

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11 replies on “Forget roses, send your Valentine a picture message”

What a great idea……………………………..if you want to spend the night in a dog house.

This has its place.

The “what shall I do different this year?” place.

Roses, cards, chocs, underwear, etc. you can’t do the same thing every year.

New technology – new ideas.

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