iPhone Firmware Updated To v1.1.4

Apple updated the iPhone firmware to v1.1.4 this morning via a new iTunes update. The iPhone SDK hasn’t been officially released yet, so we’re not quite sure exactly what this new update brings us, but stayed tuned, we’ll update you as soon as we know.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a play-by-play going on here. Obviously, if you’ve previously unlocked/jailbroken your iPhone, don’t do this update until you’ve got confirmation that it’s been jailbroken, as well.

On a more editorial note, does anyone else think it’s slightly odd/interesting that it’s referred to as being ‘jailbroken’? As if it’s being ‘freed’ when you perform the jailbreak? Fascinating.

Another thought, as it seems to be easier and easier for the dev crews to jailbreak the newer firmwares, do you think maybe Steve Jobs has his hooligans setting that up. Any other phone gets a firmware update, it’s slow news. The iPhone, however, hits the front page of most sites, and has the tech world wondering how long it’ll be until it’s jailbroken. Personally I think it’s a BRILLIANT way to keep the hackers entertained, techies attentive, and everyone else interested.

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Ooops. I kill that duplicate post then 🙂

I’m updated and so far nothing looks new except possibly being a little faster (or that could be the day-old coffee from the machine…)

I’ve got the new update but I can’t see any changes. The phone does seem to run a little bit faster and safari doesn’t crash anymore but thats it. My Bluetooth is still dodgy so what have apple done and when is there another, more effective update?

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