Japanese Reeling in Fish On Their Mobiles

This is absurd, completely, but if you can look past it, there’s a killer idea here. First, let me lay this out for you. There’s a new fishing game going around western Japan that allows mobile phone gamers to boat around and catch fish. Sounds interesting, but what’s special? The fact that the developer has teamed up with a local fish wholesaler who is offering to deliver real fish to the champions of the game.

It’s a bit confusing, as the gamer pays slightly under $10 for three games, where they do the fishing. If they catch anything, they are shown a slot machine where they have to match three numbers. If someone’s ‘lucky’ enough to do all that, the local fish wholesaler will deliver whatever they caught straight to the door.

While the whole fish thing might be a bit odd, what about other businesses? What about a mobile dating game that gave you a discount on flowers? Or perhaps something like the old Paperboy that earned you a free pizza? The possibilities are really endless once you wrap your brain around it.

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