John Stewart’s iPhone ad during the Oscars

Good to see, via Engadget, that the iPhone had a bit-part in the Oscars this year. It’s hard to imagine a Motorola RAZR getting the same treatment.

It’ll definitely boost attention. The price is still far too wrong for mass market adoption. Not that this was ever Apple’s plan. I’m still a little depressed that they’re only chasing a very small part of the mobile marketplace.

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Yes the price of the iPhone is way too high for any ‘normob’ or uneducated mobile user (Americans) to be bothered by it. However, it just might be that is exactly what Steve Jobs had in mind. Make the iPhone appear to be this exclusive device that people “want” to have but “can’t” have based on the price. This creates the allure of trendy, hot, cool, and “I am somebody because I have one”.

I am not sure how that strategy plays out in the long run, but it is a possibility we should consider.

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