Liscio handset launches in the UK

You can now officially get your hands on the new ultra sexy Liscio handset, from Onyx. Sim free at £129.99, the Liscio is drop-dead ‘ohhhhh’ — and at only 90x35x17.8mm it’s very nicely formed too. I’m going to try one out shortly and see what it’s like — I reckon it could be a rather swish weekend handset.

It’s very exciting to see handsets such as this hit the marketplace and challenge the status quo.

Here are the key spec points:

* Network: Tri-band GSM 900, DCS 1800, PCS 1900
* Screen Display: OLED Full colour display
* Screen Size: 1.10 inch
* Screen Resolution: 96 x 96 pixels, 65k colours
* Dimension: 90 x 35 x 17.8mm
* Weight: 60g
* Talk Time: Up to 3 hours
* Playback Time: Up to 11 hours
* Stand-by Time: Up to 200 hours
* Built-in Memory: 128MB
* External Memory: Micro SD (Max. 1GB)
* Connectivity: Bluetooth v1.2
* Ring tone: Polyphonic MP3
* Multimedia: MP3, built-in FM radio, Supporting EQ
* Price: Sold for only £129.99 with no contract

More at Onyx Innovation.

By Ewan

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2 replies on “Liscio handset launches in the UK”

How is this any different than the flop that was the Nokia 7280 –

And the 7280 had the advantage that you could sync your contacts from another Nokia without having to rely on the SIM card.

The problem is, people don’t like swapping SIM cards and – while you can forward voice – you can’t forward SMS automagically.

@ Terence – for a start the Liscio is much nicer to look at than the Nokia 7280 – urgh!

It’s only a weekend phone for people like Ewan (and me) that have a ‘power’ phone for work during the week. Personally there are times when I don’t want 24-7 email etc and I just want something that looks nice, fits into my jeans and does what it needs to – makes and receives calls.

However, there are many people that want those features on their main phone. Maybe they’re not readers of this blog – but they exist!

But then again I would say all that as I’ve been working on the PR for the Liscio 🙂

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