MAXroam Announces Quarterly Update; New Features

MAXroam, sponsors here at SMStextnews, have recently announced some pretty cool updates to their global SIM card product. The most impressive addition is live billing, which allows users to instantly see real-time updated account details. They’ve also added the ability to include local fixed-line numbers to your MAXroam account from 52 different countries. This way, contacts in other countries are not paying extra for the ability to call you. Free call forwarding and outgoing SMS for $.05 are also now available to users.

If you’re a heavy traveler, you should definitely check out MAXroam. I know I’ve had a few headaches attempting to get a local SIM on some recent trips, and knowing how much that SIM will cost me for different features. You should note, however, that MAXroam does not currently offer data roaming, though I’m sure that’s in the works.

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