Middle America’s crappy handset problem

Middle America’s crappy handset problem won’t be going away any time soon. There’s just too many people walking about with rubbish handsets on 2, or even 3 year contracts. It’s terminally depressing, it really is.

The above picture is a super example — I found it in tonight’s London Evening Standard.

You’re right next to Hilary Clinton, you want to take a picture, so out comes your rubbish, rubbish 2004 handset to take a 50×50 pixel image… oh dear. OH dear me. Still, at least Americans *are* taking pictures and hopefully *sending* pictures…

By Ewan

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Part of the problem is that nobody wants to pay for a decent handset in middle America. Everyone wants the “free with a 2 year ball and chain” handset that, as we all know, isn’t free.

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