Mippin hits 10m page views; adds 3gp transcoded video

Mippin are steaming it. If you haven’t checked them out, take a look at Their service elegantly parses mobile feeds from around the planet and displays them beautifully — whether you’re using a piece-of-crap Motorola RAZR or a top of the line iPhone. It’s brilliant for catching up on news or entertaining yourself whilst you’re sat eating lunch on the train. Screw buying Heat magazine, get Perez Hilton and The Superficial — and even SMS Text News — parsed beautifully on your handset.

They’ve got some news today:

Mobile content portal ‘Mippin’ announces the launch of revolutionary video functionality for its global community of users, delivering the millions of clips referenced in RSS feeds to mobile data users worldwide.

In a joint technology development between market leaders Refresh Mobile and, the service will convert and distribute flash-based RSS video content of any publisher, from international publishing companies through to independent bloggers. The process will see video transcoded automatically to the .3gp mobile standard in real-time for viewing on users’ handsets.

In keeping with the popularity of video streaming on the internet, almost any content hosted on the web will be made available, including some channel content previously unavailable for mobile. Videos will be available throughout Mippin wherever a clip is included by a publisher. The service will give users the ability to search and view video immediately on request, providing a choice of preview, streaming and download options.

Here’s how it works.

Normally, if you’re viewing Perez Hilton’s main site, this is what you’d see:


Mippin, via Blueapple, converts that from Perez Hilton’s RSS feed into this:


(Or something like that — I took the screenshot using my web browser).

Very swish. This means that you can now via mobile video on a compatible handset from an RSS feed, easily and without arsing around. Smart. Got a moment? Try it out and let me know how you get on.

By Ewan

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2 replies on “Mippin hits 10m page views; adds 3gp transcoded video”

Tried it this morning, (the video stuff), good work guys.

And a HUGE congratulations on hitting that milestone.. I’ll see you at Mobile Geeks of London III for a celebratory beer!


It does work. Quality is what’s to be expected of .3gp (only quite viewable), there are some issues (streaming would ‘hang’ once every 3-4 videos), but it looks interesting.
Tested on my Nokia N95-1 (‘classic’), and it proves to be a good service while waiting for the amazingly famous v21 FW update that will (if it will ever come) hopefully bring flash video playing to the S60 browser.

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