Mobile World Congress showing off LTE

If you’re in Barcelona this year, you can expect to see number of players battling it out to show you working examples of LTE technology, from the network to the devices.

Motorola will be showcasing online racing car games played over LTE, as well as LTE enabled VoIP calls. Freescale will also be demonstrating HD over LTE using its processors, and is already delivering data rates of 96Mbps downlink and 86Mbps. It’s also betting higher speeds are on the way as soon as the standard matures. Meanwhile, according to a couple of reports, Ericsson will be making what it calls the “world’s first call” on a handheld device using LTE.

While it’s great to hear about all the raw speeds LTE will make possible, it’s the applications that will really make this 3G successor exciting. All suggestions welcome on what will be the killer app for LTE.

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