Modu unwraps ‘build your own mobile’

Following the discussion this week about ZzzPhone, there’s another company that’s announced it’s getting into the build-your-own-mobile market. The company’s name is modu, and it’s selling modular devices.Essentially the guts of the phone are the same, but they can be housed in various customised “jackets” – or phone enclosures, to you and me – or consumer electronics. It’s got a handful of MVNOs on board, such as Cellcom and TIM, as well as electronics makers like Blauplunkt, which is planning to car tech based on modu.Modu expects the first devices using its system to be in the shops from the last quarter of this year. it’s great to see more handset makers, not to mention operators, getting consumers more involved in actually designing and compiling their mobiles. How long before the big names get on board? Another fascinating side to this is the idea that Modu’s innards will also appear in things like MP3 players and digital photo frames – could the next wave of mobile connectivity be kicking off?

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