Motorola Embarasses Itself At Mobile World Congress 2008

It’s no wonder Motorola’s mobile phone business is in the toilet isn’t doing well. Here we are at the biggest mobile phone event of the year, the 2008 Mobile World Congress. Sony Ericsson dropped 7 handsets on us last night, including the X1, with Windows Mobile (a first for SE) and stinkin quad-band HSDPA support, among the other rockin handsets.

Nokia hits the stage with the N96, which has every feature I can possibly think of, crammed into a rather small and sexy package. There’s a few other hits from Nokia, including 2 models with US 3G versions announced. Nice.

Motorola brought their ‘A’ game apparently, rocking the W161 and W181, two new candybar handsets. The W161 rocks a ‘large’ 128×128 pixel resolution MONOCHROME display and, well, that’s about it. Oh, and FM radio. Can’t forget that. The W181 upgrades that display to a 65k color…128 x 128 pixel resolution display. Oh, and FM radio. Hmmm, what else you got Moto? Is that a new slider?

Nope, it’s the same old Z6, only with WiFi added. Cool. That’s all you got? What, no new version of the RAZR?

Sure makes us Americans look cool, thanks Motorola. Thanks for representing us in the Mobile arena. Um, Carl? Icahn you come help them, PLEASE?

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What ARE they doing? Absolutely anyone spending five minutes with a pen and paper would produce more ideas than that, even if they only added new features to existing designs. How sad.

MWC is rockin’ – the only motorola ‘presence’ I’ve experienced was a girl asking me – quite halfheartedly – if i’d like to play a game on her KRAZR.. Oh dear.

also, Ewan, I’ll be uploading all my photos to flickr this evening probably along with extra notes from my vox blog (just updated) so feel free to usw and abuse.. 😉

makin notes on jaiku and twitter too..

This reminds me. Went and saw National Treasure 2 the other day and there’s a bit where they’re cloning a guys mobile phone. They pull out a big bag full of fancy phones and the guy goes through them to find the one that matches. N93? Nah. Sony Ericsson? Nah. RAZR? Hell yes! That’s the one!

Made me think of Ewan’s rants about how the RAZR is the mobile of choice in America. It’s also the first film I’ve seen in ages where people seemed to be using shitty phones. Not a lot of product placement in that film. 😉

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