Nokia and Google get into bed over search

Microsoft has been out at MWC, showing off its Windows Live @mobile program, Yahoo’s been doing the same thing with oneConnect. That just left Google from the Big Three internet giants yet to announce its mobile play. And it’s a doozy: the search company has teamed up with Nokia to unite the pair’s search products.

Google’s search engine will be integrated with Nokia’s Search application, across a number of handsets including the N96 and N78, with more handsets coming on board in the future. The pair are aiming to take the joint search to over 100 countries before they’re done. Using the application, Nokia owners will be able to search for content on their mobiles as well as on the internet.

What’s fascinating about this partnership is that Google and Nokia should be rivals more than ever at the moment, following Nokia’s services push with Ovi. Despite that, Google and Nokia are the 800 pound gorillas in their respective fields – it makes a lot of sense for them to get into bed together.

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