NXP ready for mobile DJs and Steven Spielbergs

NXP Software has decided that it’s not just enough to be able to listen to your music on your mobile, you should be able to tinker with it too. The company has come up with LifeVibes DJ, a piece of software to let aspiring mobile DJs remove the pauses between songs for “seamless playback”. The software matches up the tempo and beat of the incoming and outgoing songs and fades between the two, mimicking a real DJ.

There’s also a video editing companion piece released alongside the LifeVibes DJ. NXP’s LifeVibes VideoArtist lets users spruce up their mobile videos into something a bit more professional looking, by choosing their video, adding a ‘theme’ such as romantic or sporty, then layering an audio track over the top to make their own mobile movie.

If the the amount of tinny music being piped over mobile on London’s buses is anything to go by, every teenager wants to be a mobile DJ – now they’ve got some software to help them make a decent job of it.

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