People Really Are Using Music Capabilities On Their Handsets

A recent study from M:Metrics shows that as the adoption of music phones has increased, so has the use of mobile music by consumers. You can peruse the whole press release here, but let me lay some numbers on you:

  • Nearly 11% of mobile subscribers in the U.S. and Western Europe use their handset for music
  • Primary source of mobile music is still the PC, at 83% of active listeners
  • In every country other than the U.S. and Spain, more music was shared via bluetooth than loaded from the PC
  • Music phone penetration grew over 50% between Nov 2006 and Nov 2007, with the U.S. the fastest-growing at 63.6%
  • In the U.S.

  • 20.6% of subscribers had received an ad via SMS
  • 20.5% had sent or received a photo or video
  • 12.6% had used the internet browser on their handset
  • 11.6% had used their phone for email
  • Given that the majority of music phones (defined as those supporting digital music playback and having at least 47MB of internal storage and/or a memory card slot) are smartphones, it’s no wonder that they’re also being used for other advanced functions.

    On a side note, where on earth did they come up with the 47MB? If I have a phone with 45MB, am I really less likely to put music on it than the guy with 50MB?

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    It’s all part of the march towards everything going over to mobile phones. There’s certainly an increase in music playback on phones in my home town. It’s either a phone or an iPod, there’s nothing else being used anymore.

    I only just started using the N73 for music, i’ve had it for a yr! Its good but mobile phones are generally too quick and its only been comparitively recently that phones have a 3.5mm socket on theme 🙁 as phone flash memory size increases i can see them over-taking the iPod (which is so popular its annoying)

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