Relevantis Puts Advertisers On The Map

Relevantis, a Washington-based mobile advertising company, has unveiled its newest product, offering on-map icons for advertisers. The technology will work on both mobile phone based and stand-alone GPS systems, but could also make an appearance on desktop or online mapping services, as well. Advertisers pay a little extra to have a pretty icon show up on their location on the map, and can offer coupons or other incentives through the icon.

Relevantis currently works with Nokia, so I’d assume we should start seeing pretty icons with lots of interactivity on Nokia’s mapping software soon. I like this quote from Scott Searle, CEO, “At Relevantis, our goal is to enable advertising that doesn’t feel like advertising.” Full steam ahead with that one, Scott.

On a side note: Finally an ad company with a beautiful, simple, yet compelling website. Compliments to whoever designed their site. i would feel comfortable paying them to help me grab and keep people’s attention.

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