Spinvox Launches Blackberry Plugin To Textify Voicemail

SpinVox for BlackBerry Feb 08
Spinvox, everyone’s favorite speech-to-text company, today launched the first device-based service in the form of a Blackberry plugin. For GBP 5.00/year (US$10), in addition to your standard Spinvox package, Blackberry users will receive their voicemail in the form of an email delivered to their inbox with the word ‘Spinvox’ appended to the subject line. From the email they can easily return the call, or file the voicemail accordingly.

There is a free trial period, and interested individuals can cruise over to www.spinvox.com/blackberry to get the full scoop on packages. For the hyper-connected individual with a Blackberry, this is completely priceless, as you can now get your voicemail whether you’re in a meeting, in a library, or anywhere else that’s considered rude to make an actual phone call. Brilliant.

As someone who has completely disabled voicemail on his mobile phone simply to avoid the inconvenience of having to ‘dial in’ to retrieve them, I’d say this new feature for Blackberry users is priceless.

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