Sportsmen, Map Your Tracks

How often have you been out hunting, or running a long race, and wished you could look back on your trail later, to see where you could improve, or to see if there’s an easier way to get to that perfect hunting position? Not to worry, you can now use MapMyTracks to leave a satellite-tracked trail of breadcrumbs, helping you maximize a race path or hunting excursion for the future.

MapMyTracks is a new java application that uses GPS (either an internal receiver, if your phone is equipped, or via an external Bluetooth GPS receiver) to track your progress, including speed and distance traveled. Since MapMyTracks is a java application, it’s compatible with most handsets on the market, though it does require that the handset work with Bluetooth GPS receivers (most do that, too, but not all).

Once you’ve uploaded your track, there’s an awesome feature on their website ( that lets you compare your tracks to others, or even explore to find new tracks in your area that others have used. The service is free, other than data used to upload your tracks. There’s a quick walkthrough video of the service in action here on YouTube.

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