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Jeff Jarvis, writing in today’s Media Guardian, makes some interesting points about Twitter and the medium of microblogging (or, picoblogging, I think that’s a better term — Microblogging conjures up images of sentences, whereas a picoblog is, to me, just one sentence).

Given that Twitter first started via text — and that a large amount of Twitter users use the medium of text to interact with Twitter, if you haven’t taken a look at Twitter recently, it’s worth a second look.

Link: Why short is tweet for the blogging community | Media | The Guardian

When I first used the microblogging platform Twitter – which enables users to publish 140-character-long messages via the web and mobile phones – I thought it was silly. Or rather, the uses to which it was being put were silly: people announcing that they’d just woken up or what they’d had for breakfast. I couldn’t have cared less. But then I should confess that when I first used blogs and podcasts, I didn’t fully comprehend their impact either. So, when my son and webmaster told me I should take another stab at Twitter, I did. And I now see it is an important evolutionary step in the rise of blogging.

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