Apple ‘blackmailing’ store staff re: iPhone

Link: Apple attempts blackmail with its Irish Staff

I have just had three phone calls from Apple staff in Hollyhill today panicking about a note they received this morning the contents of which are below.

If you’ve been following Pat’s commentary over the past weeks, you’ll know he’s supremely, SUPREMELY unimpressed with Apple and iPhone launch in Ireland (“Paddy Tax”). He’s been contacted by some Apple store staff today worrying about a rather direct note received from the top chaps. Have a read for more.

By Ewan

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One reply on “Apple ‘blackmailing’ store staff re: iPhone”

I’m sorry but to me this just seems like much ado about nothing.. It’s Apple’s product, and you aren’t paying for it.. So stop whining about them telling you what to do with it. If you spent your hard earned cash on it, then after the fact they said ‘by the way, if you unlock it you’ll lose your job as an O2 employee’, that would be scandalous.

As is, this is a company giving you something gratis.. So either take thier terms or leave ’em!

Nothing is free in this world!


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