Been playing with FlixWagon

I got my FlixWagon account setup a little while ago but I’ve only just made time to have a play with it. It’s smart and simple. It helps you broadcast video from your phone really, really easily.

I’ve been trying to get it working on my Nokia E90… just to be different. I didn’t have the N95 to hand so I thought I’d see if the N95 version worked on my E90. It does function but nothing has been uploaded to my video page as yet. I suspect that’s because I’m not using the correct handset!

There’s a really good video of the FlixWagon CEO, Eran Hess, interviewed by Rory at the BBC here. Here’s a bit from Rory’s post:

The chief executive of Flixwagon popped into the BBC’s Television Centre a few days ago on a brief visit to London from his company’s base in Israel. I took Eran Hess up to our live News 24 studio to record the interview you can see above – it seemed an appropriate place to talk about software that puts live television in anyone’s hands.

And his video of Eran:


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