CBS, Aggregate team to make mobile news hunt easier

CBS Mobile has teamed up with Aggregate to help users find the type of news stories they want to read, after teaming up with Aggregate Knowledge. CBS Mobile will recommend articles to its readers by using behavioural targeting – picking out patterns in what is being viewed, clicked and read – anonymously and in aggregate – by mobile users with similar interests.

“For instance, if a user reads an article about ‘super delegates” they might be led to a story about the upcoming democratic primaries because others who read about the super delegates went on to read about the primary. Consumers will see article suggestions initially in the form of ‘Your Headlines” functionality,” CBS said.

Aggregate will also help CBS provide better targeted ads and services, the company said, with the service set to go live on CBS Mobile news site this week. With mobile news sites having a much smaller screen to deliver content to than their PC equivalent, it makes a lot of sense to try and get those stories at tightly focused as possible and crowdsourcing has already proved successful on sites like Digg.

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