China Unicom readies Olympics content for foreign visitors

China Unicom has leapt firmly on the Olympics bandwagon, announcing a slew of new content in time for the sports extravaganza later this year. According to Xinhua, the mobile operator will launch foreign language services and an international business centre.

Xinhua also adds that China Unicom will also provide English, Korean and Japanese hotline services during the games and extend opening hours for its outlets around the Olympic venues. It looks like the most interesting race won’t be on the athletics track this Olympics: it’s all about the networks. China Mobile, which is also working on Olympics content has promised to get its 3G network up in time for the Games while Unicom is reportedly spending billions of yuan on improving its GSM network. I wonder which will go down better with visitors – slow and steady or fast and just-released?

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Olympics without transmission on Mobiles can not be imagined and networks worldwide are expected to carry the Olympics feeds repurposed for mobile. In China, the main player is going to be China Mobile.

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