HELP! I need the sexiest phone!

I got this email in from a reader — a FEMALE reader, noless!

Here’s her problem:

HELP! I am just about to stop using a Nokia E61 as I am giving up mobile email. I found I was too contactable for clients and I kept on looking at my email at all hours of the day. Now I need to get a new phone and I don’t know what’s cool or sexy. What should I get? I am in London and using T-Mobile.

Interesting. I know what you mean. I can’t stop looking at my Blackberry if I’ve got it on vibrate. Every time an email comes in, I think it might be ultra urgent and… sneak a look. Or worse, I just can’t stand being near my Blackberry when the little red light flashes. I feel like I need to reach over and check what’s just arrived.

Anyway, a sexy phone. Any recommendations for the lady? I’m thinking N81, maybe? Top of the range Sony? N95 8GB?

By Ewan

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There are now pink Blackberrys and N95s.

Vodafone (my bosses) sell a pink Nokia 7373 with a free bottle of pink champagne.

Moto U9 and Samsung F210 are both quite cute.

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