Jay Fenton launches Scribe Symbian blog editor

You remember Jay knocked up a version of the WordPress client editor I am in the process of getting built? He did it ridiculously quickly (here’s the news about that). Well, he’s launched it! You can get an early build — very early, mind — at

My developer encountered a few challenges hooking in with the XMLRPC engine on WordPress but he reckons he’s possibly got it resolved. It is, alas, going to be another week or so until he has news as he’s going out the country.

Jay’s launch puts me in a wee bit of a strange position: I’ve transferred my cash to the developer — well, it’s being held in escrow by Rent-a-Coder and the developer is still working away. Meantime I’ve actually been able to use Jay’s Scribe to post blogs remotely. The arse? I can’t discontinue with the development. I’m a bit committed.

Ergo do check out Jay’s Scribe, if you’re up for blogging from WordPress on your S60 handset. And spare a thought for my version … whenever it arrives!

By Ewan

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[…] Ewan over at SMStextnews is reporting that Jey Fenton of and ROKTalk has put together a python-based application that I’ve been waiting for a long time to have. Scribe allows you to manage your WordPress-based blog directly from your S60v3 handset, using Python for S60v3. It’s not really a pretty application thus far, but it’s functional, and that’s really all that matters. […]

[…] Jay Fenton has made a S60 WordPress Blogging Solution in the fastest time ever. He made this Python based client during the course of a chat with Ewan in just 60 minutes. He’s just released a very early Beta of the application which is now in an installable form and not a mere collection of scripts. That is awesome work. The client allows us to make posts, edit them and so on. There is support for adding image links, paragraphs, links to other websites etc. However doing all of this will requires some degree of HTML knowledge, thats a minus for a lot us but hey, the application was made in 60 minutes! […]

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