Mippin launches MippinToday

I’m using Mippin more and more of late. I’ve got it programmed in to every single one of my handsets. Whether it’s the iPhone, the E90 or the N95 8GB I’ve been testing courtesy of the WOM World chaps, I’ve got a bookmark right there.

It’s a really cool method of consuming content whilst I’m on the go. My favourite thing to do is to sit and flick through my favourite sites via Mippin whilst I’m in a restaurant alone. Or in the back of a cab or on the train.

Mippin makes any RSS feed work on your mobile browser. No need to arse about with an RSS reader. Particularly useful if you’re a multi-device user like me as all you need to do is login and woosh, there are all your regular site feeds. Want to check out SMS Text News? Simply type in your desired site URL into the Mippin search box and it’ll auto-discover the RSS feed and format it for you beautifully. It even fetches the site’s favicon. Check out SMS Text News on Mippin, you’ll see our trusty mini red phone favicon there.

I like it when site owners and developers do stuff. I like it when you can see them improving stuff. They’re big into that at Mippin — good news. A recent example? MippinToday. Here’s Richard from Mippin’s explanation:

MippinToday gathers together all the most recent updates from all of your favourite sites on the Mippin service into one handy page for quick and easy access. If you already use Mippin you can also directly access MippinToday at on your mobile phone, it makes a great bookmark for those little breaks in the day when you want to catch up on what’s been going on.

Right on.

Here’s a screenshot:

I’m using the feature like no tomorrow. Wicked.

By Ewan

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4 replies on “Mippin launches MippinToday”

I really like Mippin too, but I don’t use it for one simple reason: it cannot import an OPML file. I read so many blogs, and I want *all* of them on my handset, not just 5 or 6.

Mippin’s UI is so much nicer than GReader’s that I happily put up with having to rescan articles when I’m back on the pc. And the new Mippin Today is already proving useful.

I’m always impressed by Mippin’s speed (down to background caching, I believe) even in areas of less than perfect reception.
The only improvement I’m hoping for is the ability to switch orientation.
Nice one, Mippin!

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