Mobile data cards will kill off wi-fi hotspots

3G could potentially kill off wi-fi, according to analysts Infonetics Research, as more and more of us use mobile broadband data cards rather than the wireless hotspots provided by coffee shops and the like as the service becomes “more available, more affordable, and a higher performance choice”

Infonetics says that sales of mobile data cards will nearly quadruple between 2007 and 2011, hitting $2.9 billion. The analysts predict adoption will be driven by lower mobile broadband prices resulting from the launch of HSDPA networks. The report also says that worldwide mobile data subscribers will reach 144 million by 2011.

Anyone who’s used a mobile data card knows they’re a lifesaver. I wouldn’t be surprised if before long mobile data subscriptions are the de facto connectivity for anyone taking their laptop outside their house.

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I made a similar prediction back in January on my blog at

A story in today’s Financial Times at also mentions how dongles are taking over.

After my last WiFi bill was over £100 because BT have changed their packages meaning you have to upgrade or get charged “roaming” fees at Starbucks (t-mobile hotspots) I have not used a WiFi hotspot and used my 3G data card (on it now)

Andrew Grill’s last blog post..Location based social network applications roundup and review

oh yes, even in the Philippines– where we have some services running.. are now offering this type of usb dongle that connect to the 3G or HSDPA of the wireless carriers. for only $112 for the USB dongle and a prepay voucher of $.25 for 30 mins of high speed internet. That is not bad at all–

If only they can create a $300 to $350 laptop then i think a TRUE mobile computing society is going to be a reality.

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