Moto courted by Asian manufacturers in spin off deal?

The ongoing “will they, won’t they” saga of Motorola’s handset division spin-off has taken another turn today. According to Financial Times partner, some companies have stepped forward to begin talks with Moto.

The site reports that “many leading Asian telecommunications equipment and device manufacturers” who have previously denied interest in taking over the unit but have since been “expressing interest in discussing some form of partnership”, quoting a source. It also said that any deal might be a complex one, following in the footsteps of joint ventures like Sony Ericsson or Nokia-Siemens Networks.

It’s a fascinating development, if it proves to be correct. Apparently ZTE and Sony Ericsson have already denied they’re interested and realistically, I can’t see Motorola’s handset unit really fitting in with either business. So who else could be courting Moto? All suggestions welcome.

One reply on “Moto courted by Asian manufacturers in spin off deal?”

I guess the ‘spin off’ will never happen. Moto’s handset business is vital because without its handset business Motorola does not have a soul. Motorola’s handsets has gained a niche in the U.S. market, so much so that its legendary. There is no dearth of people, who can turn around its business. Moto just has to wait for the right time and the right person.

I doubt ZTE has enough capital to buy the handset business, even though Moto is going through a tough period right now with all the hoopla over the exit of couple of high profile executives like Stu Reed and Casey Keller.

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