Motorola gets back with 3

Motorola is getting some love from 3 once again after spell out in the cold, with the operator reintroducing its handsets to its network for the first time in 18 months. The first device off the block will be the HSDPA-enabled RAZR2 V9,

According to the company, 3 has decided to welcome Motorola back into the fold because of its “renewed focus on powerful 3G handsets like the RAZR2 V9” and a compelling roadmap to boot. 3 is now training up its sales staff for the reintroduction.

While it’s good news for Motorola that it’s got another operator customer on board and another channel to get its handsets out the door, it seems a little bit of a shame that it started with the RAZR – it doesn’t exactly showcase Moto’s drive to move forward with its product design.

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