Napster promises five-million song love-in with O2

After getting into bed with the world’s best-known online music retailer Apple to launch the iPhone, O2 has decided to do a deal with former number one pirate music site turned respectable online song shop Napster. The deal will see O2 customers able to access what the operator calls “UK’s largest full track mobile music download service” with a library of over five million tracks.

Once an O2 user buys a song from company’s Active portal, it gets sent both to their mobile and to their nominated email address. During an initial promotional period, Napster tracks will be sold for 99p or 5 tracks for £4.

What’s not immediately clear from O2 is whether the price of the song includes the data costs of delivering the tune to a user’s mobile. Hopefully, it’s just a one off fee – there’s nothing worse than paying twice for the same bit of content.

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