No graphics today

No graphics from me today.

I’m suffering from Vodafone’s Content Control bar. Won’t let me access Flickr, which is a naughty service, as far as it’s concerned.

I have of course, tried to disable it. But the content control bit is a little wonky for me. I managed to remove it from my main line… the mobile broadband connection is a secondary line on my account — I just don’t see how I can change that connection’s profile.

I tried… thought I’d done it. Failed. I’ll phone customer services and get them to do it.

Meantime, can’t upload to Flickr.

Hmm. Actually, theoretically, I could upload the image as an attachment to Gmail, then email it to Flickr. That would get me round the content control. I’d be able to send images to Flickr. But still wouldn’t be able to grab the source code of the images to display here.

Incidentally, the Vodafone Mobile Broadband isn’t too good here. I’m in Central London — Marylebone — but I’m in a garden apartment on the ground floor of one of those big Georgian mansions, built like a brick… well, it’s solid. The only connection I can get is a Vodafone GPRS one. T-Mobile doesn’t even work. Heh.

My connection speed is being measured in bps. 107 bps. 27bps. 93bps. Rarely are we jumping to Kbps, which is a might frustrating.

No fixed broadband connection yet. Cock-up with BT.

By Ewan

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