Nokia E90 upgrade… useless Nokia :(

Well, my Nokia E90 has updated without error, thanks to the Nokia Update software.

The big arse? Only half of my data is preserved. Messages, photos, contacts.

Half of the data is screwed.

All my applications have gone.


I know Nokia have ‘fixed this’ with the Nokia N82 but it’s absolutely ridiculous that they haven’t implemented it in any other handsets.

I now have an updated Nokia device, … and I’m going to have to take an hour or so and install everything again.

Apart from Mail for Exchange. That’s preserved. Strangely. It’s there, but the account details aren’t.

Upgrading on Nokia definitely isn’t ready for consumer exposure as yet. When I press ‘backup’ I expect it to do just that.. BACKUP the device so that when I RESTORE it works. I don’t want it to almost work.

Here’s hoping it’s much smoother on an N82…

  • This is one area that Apple have perfected over everyone else, even if I threw my device in the river and bought a new one, iTunes will still restore all my data onto the new one.

  • Ewan

    Agreed; I have to reinstall EVERY single application I had running. Including ROK Talk. Arse.

  • I’ve just updated my sim-free E90 and the applications stored on the memory card are screwed. Also the backup I made prior to updating the firmware causes the phone to crash whilst restoring.

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  • Damn Nokia STILL haven’t fixed this…

    I feel your pain.

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  • In fairness to Nokia, stuff in the OS system folders (e.g. app registrations) isn’t backed up and restored because there may be incompatibilities when the newer OS is then run up. It’s cleaner and more bulletproof to install apps from scratch and resync data over. So it takes an hour. So what. It’s only once every six months 😎


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