Nokia leading mobile browser wars

Despite all the talk of the iPhone being the data consumer’s phone of choice, it seems Nokia is still holding its own. According to research from StatCounter, Nokia’s browser has 0.15 percent of the UK browser market share (the stats take in browsers on both PCs and mobiles), with the iPhone making up 0.6 percent.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry made up 0.02 percent and SonyEricsson has 0.01 percent. In the US, it’s a different story – there, the iPhone is beating Nokia with 0.18 percent to 0.01 percent respectively. However, globally, Nokia is way out in front with 0,25 percent compared to the 0.06 percent that the iPhone has.

While the US stats don’t look good for Nokia, it’s worth remembering that it’s one of the markets where Nokia hasn’t traditionally been the number one. That said, the iPhone’s performance should be more than enough to worry the Finnish manufacturer, when the numbers of iPhones and Nokia handsets in use throughout the world are compared.

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It would seem that the iPhone’s staggered availaility might make regional stats a bit fidgy all around.
Nevertheless, the fact that the browser is one of the more trumpeted parts of the iPhone and also one of the better ones period has to bring something to the table. Nokia Web isn;t a bad browser, but controling it isn’t intuitive. And most of the devices that have it, come with some disparate hardware configurations, making browsing not at all uniform. With a one model parody, the iPhone scores a bit better (perceptionally) here.

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