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A little bit of silliness to brighten the afternoon… My girlfriend (name hidden in the image below to protect the innocent) is amazed that I can tell when she’s arriving home and be at the door to meet her (sometimes with the kettle on for a restorative cuppa). Can I tell her footsteps as she walks down the corridor? Is it the jangle of her door keys? Do we have special ESP?


Nope! Our apartment block is a new construction that doesn’t seem to block wireless signals much and her phone connects to my PC as soon as she’s outside, 2 flights of stairs away… 🙂

By Ben Smith

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So you live in a balsawood apartment then? Is ‘New construction’ a euphamisim for ‘Our builder now lives in Malaga and won’t answer his phone?’

This is actually a brilliant new Nokia service: Nokia Structural Household Integrity Test.

Now with new features:
*auto-SMS to Emergency services if it detects more than 10 devices in close proximity (‘Help, my apartment block has collapsed’)
*Housie for houses: see when all your neighbours come home too (note: effective radius dependant on how much your quantity surveyor took as bribe from concrete contractor)
*New Nokia Weather high-winds alert service: ‘Flee now’


Reminds me of the time I had Mobiluck on my 6630. It went crazy one morning in the very wee hours. Why?

My neighbour had been a bit naughty and was subject to a dawn raid (put it this way, he’s got greenfingers!) Anyhoo, the police come marching up the stairs and a few of them had their phone’s Bluetooth connection on and, get this, with what appeared to be their real names. I kid ye not!

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