Nokia Siemens doubles EDGE speeds

Good news for iPhone users out there: Nokia Siemens Networks reckons it’s cracked a way to double the speeds EDGE networks are capable of. The networking company says it can now get 592 kbps out of EDGE by way of a software upgrade.

The company says the EDGE speed boost will be around from the third quarter of this year and that it already has plans for the next evolution of EDGE, called EGPRS 2, which will promise downlink speeds of up to 1.2 Mbps and will double uplink speed to up to 473 kbps.

It’s always good news when operators step up speeds but with most EDGE networks already replaced with HSDPA et al, how much use is NSN’s upgrade going to be? For city dwellers, not much, but for those far out of town where EDGE is the fall back, it’ll be a welcome development.

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Why is it that Networks will release a new technology to us but not give us its’ full capabilities? I live just outside Cardiff with no HSDPA. (But according to O2 I am fully covered. They’re just daft) So I for one will certainly welcome the EDGE upgrade. The way O2 have been with 3G, I’m not expecting that anytime soon

“The networking company says it can now get 592 kbps out of EDGE by way of a software upgrade.”

Any idea if this is a software upgrade on the handset, or on the network’s side of things?

In reply to Simon’s question… I am quite sure it’ll be an upgrade on the Networks, and that the handsets will be fine. What I can add is that if U have a phone like a Sony Ericsson (for example) and are able to keep software versions updated from downloading, I’d recomend it.

Now I know O2 supports EDGE because my handset keeps switching between EDGE and GSM. What I would like to know is, Does EDGE go out at the same signal strength as 2G or is it different all together? There is no info on their site about EDGE, 3G or HSDPA.

Oh yeah. True I forgot about the site finder. Apparently the Networks have stopped supplying Ofcom with base station info??? Because there is a lot of transmission info missing!?
Thank you “HeavyLight”

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