Office desk hunting – eoffice and sohodeskspace

Remember I posted about hunting for office space – well, a desk, in Soho? Well, thank you all for your recommendations. I need a desk that I can access at non traditional working times so I have chosen two possibilities.

The first is eoffice – last time I was in there it was a hive of activity, designers, developers, digital artists, all working away. I liked the buzz there – it is particularly appropriate for startup companies and developers who don’t need the arse associated with owning offices, but need the infrastructure to work. I reckon that works for me as a blogger too.

The other possibility I am looking at is Never been but it’s nearby eoffice in Marshall Street and a little more competitive than eoffice. I like the look of it though and you can get access round the clock with a keycard. 24mb internet too.

I’ve been talking to Mandy at eoffice to see if we could do a deal. I also reckon it might be good to see if I could negotiate a special offer for smstextnews readers hunting for desk space too.

I’m going to drop in and see the Soho Desk Space chaps this afternoon. (There’s an issue as to whether 2x 28.5″ monitors will fit on their desk – I will check when I visit.)

By Ewan

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