Secure mobile working survey; M&S hamper up for grabs

Got a note through from Beky Hughes regarding a secure mobile working survey. She’s hunting for UK IT journalists to complete this survey — so if you qualify.. or if you maintain a blog, I reckon qualify, go ahead and check it out. I thought it might be relevant for the SMS Text News audience because I’m willing to bet that almost that every reader has used his or her laptop in a public location and when commuting. Indeed, I’m writing this from a public wifi connection at the Radisson in Marylebone. But I’m using an Apple so I am exhibiting that super-confident you-can’t-hack-this glow.

Meanwhile some scriptkiddie across the road is probably browsing through my files and watching me type this text in real time…

This survey aims to raise awareness of the security risks associated with working on laptops in public places through the personal experiences of commuting IT journalists in the UK.

Please take time to complete the survey. There are 10 questions in total and answers you provide will remain anonymous. We especially encourage you to share your personal experiences of using laptops while commuting, which again will remain nameless.

The closing date for completed surveys is 5.30pm on Monday 31st March 2008. Fully completed survey respondents with the best anecdote will be entered into a prize draw for a Marks & Spencer hamper to the value of £50. In addition, every completed survey respondent will be rewarded with a free Vikuiti Privacy Filter from 3M (worth £20-£50).

How to take part:

• Access the survey by clicking on the link below or copying and pasting into your browser’s address bar:

• Please answer all 10 questions adding additional comment where applicable

• Click on Done >> when you have completed the survey

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

One reply on “Secure mobile working survey; M&S hamper up for grabs”

Hmmm, did the survey, clicked on [b]done[/b] and was redirected to survey monkey home page. . . . Just wondering how they will get the [b][red]free[/red][/b] Vikuiti privacy filter or the Hamper to me, since I was not asked for anyof my details like email or address.

Maybe im just being thick. . . any hooo. . .

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