Secure mobile working survey; update

Do you remember this survey I wrote about recently?

Got a note through from Beky Hughes regarding a secure mobile working survey. She’s hunting for UK IT journalists to complete this survey — so if you qualify.. or if you maintain a blog, I reckon qualify, go ahead and check it out. I thought it might be relevant for the SMS Text News audience because I’m willing to bet that almost that every reader has used his or her laptop in a public location and when commuting.

Well, there was a bit of an error with the survey software so they weren’t able to get the contact details of some of the respondents. Which means it will be quite difficult to enter you to win an M&S hamper if they don’t know who you are.

So if you took the survey and didn’t see an option to enter your contact details on it, email Beky (bekyh at with your email and postal address just in case. You never know, you might work.

The survey link is here.

By Ewan

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