Sharp ready to take on China before the Olympics

Sharp has decided to take its mobiles to pastures new. According to reports, this one from the Financial Times among them, the electronics manufacturer is planning to start selling mobiles in China in time for the Olympics later this year.

The reports say that Sharp will bring in high-end devices to the Chinese market and the company is already in talks with operators about carrying the phones, making it the only Japanese handset maker selling its wares in neighbouring China (assuming you don’t count Sony Ericsson).

It’s no surprise handset makers are all turning their attention to China – it’s been enjoying record new subscribers of late and there’s still shedloads of room to grow before saturation starts to rear its ugly head. That said, Sharp’s compatriot Kyocera recently said it was pulling out of a China, so it’s certainly not an easy market, but it is one with enthusiasm for high end devices – exactly what Sharp plans to sell.

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