Sprint gives Windows Mobiles a speed bump with Rev A

Sprint users who have a fondness for Windows Mobile devices will soon be getting a bump in mobile data speeds: the US operator has made a software upgrade available for the HTC Mogul making it the first device to be able to take advantage of EV-DO Rev A speeds.

In short, users will be able to get an average downlink of up to 1.4Mbps – almost double what plain old EV-DO was able to deliver, while the average uplink will go from 50 to 70 Kbps to 350 to 500 Kbps.

However, users will still have to have the right postcode to take advantage of Rev A. According to the operator, the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network covers more than 234 million people across the US, 13,453 cities and 1,321 airports, with the vast majority upgraded to EV-DO Rev A.

As a compulsive user of mobile data, this is great news. Let’s hope of flood of similarly speedy software upgrades follows very soon for all the other devices out there.

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