The fastest Symbian developer on the planet and my WordPress Client

So I’ve been working with my symbian developer toward getting the WordPress client operational, yes?

We’ve had a bit of a set back in the context of data quality and interacting with the WordPress XMLRPC system. The developer and I are in dialogue. He’s doing his best, I think.

Meantime, I was chatting with Jay Fenton.

Jay is one half of the uber, uber, uber programming geniuses who power Howler Technologies (Makes of ROK Talk). (The other half, Dan Lane, is no less a genius. I’m still impressed that he’s actually got an RFID chip in his arm that will open his house door.)

The other day he enquired about the development and how it was going.

“Shouldn’t be that difficult to use XMLRPC to connect with a Symbian client,” he commented, “In fact, let me just…”

I didn’t hear from him over IM for an hour or so.

60 minutes went by.

Then I got an IM, “Done it.”

He sent me through some files to put on to my E90.

Seconds later I was blogging from it. Here’s the post I wrote.

Here’s an E90 screenshot:


And some more…

wordpress symbian

wordpress symbian

wordpress symbian

wordpress symbian

I was agog.

“WOW,” I told him by IM. Lots of ‘You’re fooking wicked!’ etc.

His response?

Thank you dear chap. It’s just the way i flip ’em (the bits, that is)

A seriously gifted chap, Jay.

I can now blog from my Nokia handset!

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