The Kinetic Elite – is that an N95 in your pocket?

I was chatting to a journalist at one of the Sunday papers earlier. She’s doing a piece on the ‘kinetic elite’, the global nomads, and what kind of gizmos that nomadic entrepreneurs are using to support their business and lifestyle. Think: Mac Air, top of the line Blackberry and so on. She asked if I had any suggestions. I said I would see what you all reckon. Any ideas?I thought definitely a JCB ToughPhone – for skiing – and an N95 8GB/N82… What other gizmos does a globe trotting mobile geek need?

By Ewan

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My N810 has proven quite valuable on those days when I’m running around. I have my N95, and I can use it to check emails and the web. But whenever I need to do something instead of just read something, I normally switch to the tablet. I had a 770 and an 800 and they were good devices for the couch, but now with the keyboard the 810 has proven to be a real road device.

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why is the first post an HSDPA datacard? i would rather just carry my N95 and connect via JaikuSpot to it (or MUCH better yet, via bluetooth DUN, but i realize windows users have less luck in that arena than the rest of the world)

– N95 8GB
– Wireless USB dongle for lappy
– Bluetooth keyboard for N95 8GB (for when it’s just too much hassle to get the big machine out)
– Profimail for S60 (does most things a desktop mail client can do)

These days?

N95 8GB with JoikuSpot for WiFi, ShoZu for photos, IMAP email client for blogging
iPhone for anything & everything at all.
EcoSol PowerStick USB-to-anything charger and ciggy lighter USB adapter to keep them fed.

One pocket – do everything, anywhere.

Anything that can’t be done with the above combo is so niche it’s not worth bothering about. Less is more.


My current setup is a N75, N800 Internet Tablet and iGo Bluetooth keyboard. Swap out the N75 for an N95, or replace the E90 in for the keyboard and N75 and you’d have a very sold mobile solution for many users. Being that I am in the US, I’d also throw the HTC 8925/ATT Tilt and bluetooth keyboard in there.

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