Vodafone UK’s international calls

After a lot of digging, I managed to find the right page to work out the costs of calling abroad from your UK Vodafone.

It’s like having a flash back to 1997.

125 pence a minute to call the States from a standard Vodafone connection. More than a quid a minute!

Buy the 2.50/month international call saver option — something I briefly considered — and you’ll only pay 25p a minute to America.

I reckon that’s far too high a premium nowadays.

It’s 30p a minute to call the States from a 3UK handset. No international caller option required. That’s .. well, it’s better than 125p.

How do you dial internationally from your handset? Or don’t you bother?

By Ewan

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6 replies on “Vodafone UK’s international calls”

Now, do you regret going over to the big red ewan? To be honest I do not call internationally much, and with no landline my my mobile would be the logical way. However I am usaully always near i good internet connection so I use my VOIP phone and sipgate. Waay cheaper! 🙂

Not with RebTel actually, no 😉 I’m loving the call quality on Vodafone!

We are soon to be launching the free interantional calls again with inclusive international minutes..
we have about 100x times the uses of truphone, as it’ much cheaper to do the landline thing again..
Back to the old 1997 days, only 10x cheaper

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