What? TWO phones?

Note: If you don’t like pictures of middle aged men (albeit one in very good shape) in speedos, don’t scroll down.

I’m a bit of a closet celebrity gossip nut, I’ll admit. So today, while scrolling through I came across this.

Pictured below is Carson, formerly of a show that was on here and in the States called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

TMZ had the following to say:

Former Queer Eye Star Goes Down. Under.

Carson Kressley dials it in while strutting his pink man-kini around Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

Two phones? Really?


Two phones? Really?

Apparently it’s a very ODD thing to have two phones. Why would anyone ever want that!

(For more of our ranting about it being unusual to have two phones, check this out.

One reply on “What? TWO phones?”

I still don’t understand people’s objection to carrying two phones.. To me its like carrying a pen and a pencil: each serves much the same purpose at a general level, sure. But as you get down to specificity, you find that each is much better suited for certain things over the other.

Thus my n95 (3g, multimedia, browsing, camera, flickr, ebooks, etc) is happily sharing pocket space with my blackberry curve (email, text, IM, etc).

Each a proper tool for a specific set of jobs, and neither capable me completely replacing the other!


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