3G Apple iPhone coming with 7.2Mbps, 5 meg camera?

Who does love a good iPhone rumour story? Well here’s another. Apparently, according to Computerworld, programmers have uncovered hints within the iPhone SDK that not only is a 3G device on the way, but it will include a Infineone’s S-Gold 3 chipset which hopes up the possibilities of a host of other goodies.

The chipset in question offers some tantalising possibilities of future iPhone upgrades, including the ability to support cameras up to 5 megapixels and supports HSDPA up to 72.Mbps.

I wouldn’t expect to see the 3G iPhone move to the top end of these capabilities straight away – after all, it would be a massive bump from the original device with its 2 megapixel camera and edge connectivity. Still, it looks like there’s still enough wiggle room to improve the device far enough to convince those who bought the first handset that it’s time for an upgrade already.

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