3G Apple iPhone in 60 days

CNET has the gossip.

A 3G iPhone? Well. It’ll certainly be a bit faster when browsing in the middle of a field. Just how good will the experience be? 10% faster? 100% faster? I wonder.

By Ewan

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5 replies on “3G Apple iPhone in 60 days”

My Samsung Blackjack II on AT&T is operating on 3G — at least, that’s what the little icon says.

Well FINALLY. It’s what us Brits have been wanting. Something so hyped up then missing the speed and technology. Will be interesting to see if there has been any improvements made too!

Oh please let Vodafone or Three see the sense of snatching the 3G business away from bloody O2!
I can almost promise that I’ll buy one later in the year but not sure about trusting O2.

Especially after witnessing O2 spunk tens of thousands of pounds on a mutual back-slapping session in a swanky Bristol restaurant last week. They even managed to cock-up running a beano!

HeavyLight’s last blog post..Whatleydude’s N95 saga: VF comes out shining!

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